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"You're seriously going to take those? Not even going to look at the warning label, really?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact. I'm sorry, you know that. I'm so, so sorry." The teenage girl sat on her bed, staring at the small pills in her hand. Not another soul appeared to be in the room with her, and yet she spoke to the air.

"I don't like this." Came the comment in a voice not her own. No, this was actually masculine. The teen looked to the side, to a small blue worktable propped up and cluttered with all sorts of crafts and the like. Standing there was a small grey rabbit in what, for all intents and purposes, appeared to be a straightjacket. He was only around three or so inches tall, tapping his foot and staring up at her.

"I don't either." The girl replied to the most logical of her muses. The other three were all dormant at the moment, choosing not to appear. But Jacketbunny, oh no. He did not like where this was going. They all knew the risks involved. They'd decided it was overall best for the girl if she at least tried the pills, to try to see if it would help her any. After all, it was the muses' faults that she was like this, so unstable.  Oh, she knew the rabbit wasn't real- at least, not physically. He was simply a resident of her mind, and all involved knew this fact.

And that was the terrifying thing about this.

The asylum she had visited had said that there were definitely some underlying disorders going on in the teen, some that needed to be sorted out now before they got worse. After years of being scattered and miserable and bogged down, she finally had become desperate enough. Now, all that was left was to take the pills. Two a day for a month, that's what they said. Then she'd come back and get checked... Honestly, they had recommended that she stay in the asylum herself. Her parents had cut that one off instantly, much to her relief.

But none of them knew how the medications would effect the muses. Sketchcat, the most creative, had simply said that their host needed to be happy and okay. Ventpup, the one who had tried for so long to truly balance things out agreed that her well-being was the most important. Holly, the one who had sabotaged everything in the first place, vehemently opposed the idea, as she had caused the rift specifically so that the muses would be known. And Jacketbunny... He nearly sided with Holly. But the truth was that they all needed their host to survive, and having her unstable put that at risk. The teen stared at the pills, guilt nagging at her. Was this selfish?

"Well... Go on, then." The rabbit interrupted her thoughts. He sounded so bitter, and had turned away. The girl paused, and placed the pills to the side to scoop up the little figment of her imagination. "Put me down." Jacketbunny commanded, glaring straight up at her.

"It's okay JB. You'll be alright. And I'll always remember you, okay?" She responded, not missing a beat from his bitterness. The rabbit blinked, and quickly glanced away.

"Whatever." He muttered, as she held him to her shoulder, where he stepped onto and sat down. "I'm not worried." He stated. The teen smiled, wondering which of the two he was trying to convince. She then reached across to the table and plucked up the pills, as well as a glass of water.  "Just do it already."

"Alright, alright." She chuckled, then popped the small pills into her mouth. A quick gulp of water assured that they were down, now in her system. "...And now we wait." She said with a sigh. JB nodded.

"You should get to sleep... No point in staying up worrying." The rabbit commented after a moment. "I'm sure Venti will be keeping an eye on Holly tonight especially, you should be fine. No nightmares, hopefully."

"Alright, JB." She responded, glancing to the time. It was only midnight, but the teen supposed she could take the rabbit's advice. It was quick work, getting ready to sleep. All she really did was flip off the bedroom light and turn on her muted tv, as well as her ipod. "Talk to you in the morning then?" She asked after settling; she didn't know which muse would be active when she awoke, if any. The rabbit, now standing on the mattress, shrugged his shoulders.

"We'll see."

"...I suppose. Good night, JB."


It wasn't long before the girl fell asleep. She constantly exhausted herself, much to the muses' annoyance. Jacketbunny leaned against her pillow, and sighed. He closed his eyes for just a moment... Then froze.

This was when he was supposed to go back. To return to her mind, and be dormant. But something was blocking it, something had wedged in the link like a wall. The rabbit pushed back to spring forward to his feet, eyes narrowed and analyzing. This wasn't right, this wasn't right at all. He couldn't connect at all. The rabbit opened his mouth to yell to his host, but found that nothing but a rasp came out. Eyes wide, he realized that he was fading. This wasn't right, this wasn't right at all! Just as he opened his mouth for one more attempt, he froze up and fell. Everything faded out of his consciousness.

The next thing he remembered was hitting the metal door of what seemed to be an old truck. Things were hazy, and he squinted forward to identify who was driving. Everything seemed so much smaller here, too. I must have made it back, the rabbit thought, I'm not sprite sized. It must just be one of her dreams or something like that... He didn't question the white coats that the men in the car wore looking exactly the same as those from the asylum his host had visited. He didn't question where he was going, or why. He just faded back to the unconscious world.

Surely, things would be normal once he awoke, right?
Here we go! Audition for :iconpieceofmind--oct:; the way that JB got there.
His App is here: [link]

Essentially, Sami, his host, got tricked into taking pills that were intended to lock away her muses. Since he was 'active' at the time, he instead got locked /out/ of her mind, and disconnected.
This resulted in him essentially falling into his 'natural' form (which is 3'3" as opposed to being a 3-inch sprite as he normally appears in reality).
He then got kidnapped by the asylum workers, and brought there, if that makes sense?

Haha all the rest of this tourney should be in comic form, by the way. Finals/being sick ended up being horribly time consuming so I just wanted to make sure I had it, yupyup~
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