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December 15, 2012
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Jacketbunny App by sami86404 Jacketbunny App by sami86404
If you want to ask JB about anything, including OCT things, he and the other muses can answer things here:

So! This is for :iconpieceofmind--oct:. Here we go!

Name: Jacketbunny (Prefers "JB"; Calling him Jack(or variations) results in a warning not to, and then him yelling at the person if it continues. )

Age: 17

Race: Muse (Rabbit)

Height: 3 foot 3 inches, or about one meter.

Weight: 72 pounds, or about 32.7 kg

Sex: Male (Technically no gender; he doesn't have the parts)

Date of Birth: July 11th

Blood Type: Closest to A+, though his blood is a bit more dense.

Mental Disorder: :bulletblue: Amnesia- He doesn't remember many things once you get farther back in his history. He only remembers events since being restrained as he is, nothing before.
:bulletgreen: Dissociative Identity Disorder; Multiple Personality Disorder. The persona of "JB" is technically an alter to the base personality, who calls himself Jack (hence JB's issues with the name; he refused to live up to the idea of who he should be that Jack left when he forgot everything and became JB). There is also a third personality that is... much less stable than the others. These personalities are kept in check by the jacket as of the beginning of the tournament. Damaging the jacket itself will allow Jack more opportunity to come out, where as damaging the purple threads attaching the sleeves to Jacketbunny's back will allow the third more opportunity.
:new: Each of the personalities are completely unaware of anything that happens while a different one is in control. EI; If JB yells at someone and then Jack takes over, Jack is probably going to just introduce himself and have no clue what's going on.

Personality Type: :bulletblack: JB- generally a very grumpy and all around disagreeable little rabbit. He is very skeptical and doesn't trust anyone easily (if at all). He has a bit of a temper, especially if he's either insulted about his height, called Jack, or told he's wrong when he's "so obviously right". He'll state his opinions very bluntly on many subjects, and is prone to long rants if someone will listen. He's constantly snarky and sarcastic, muttering comments under his breath frequently. He doesn't have much patience for childish activities, and frequently seems to adopt an I'm-surrounded-by-idiots mentality. If he's the one coming up with a plan, however, it's likely that it might be slightly cruel towards the enemy. He can be a bit arrogant about his intelligence.
However, if he is intimidated, he will generally shut up really quickly. He is acutely aware of the fact that in fight or flight situations, he better be running as fast as he can because he's at a huge disadvantage. He'll keep his mouth shut, for the most part, if there is someone who is physically intimidating nearby. In instances where he is put in actual danger, he is most times going to be a self-serving coward. If you're betting on him coming back for you in any situations, you'd better be able to prove you're of benefit to him.
Also, no touchy. He has no problem headbutting/kneeing/kicking anyone if they get in his personal space bubble.

:new::bulletwhite: Jack- Essentially the near-exact opposite of JB. Jack is the original mind that was in control of the body; however, due to a 'bug' of sorts being placed in his mind, this personality had been locked away. He is very gentle and caring, and will go out of his way to be pleasant as much as he can. He's fairly optimistic, but within reason- if things are dark, he's not going to give up, but he'll accept what might happen. If it comes to anyone he feels connected to in the least, Jack has absolutely no problem putting himself in harm's way if it means saving them. He'll stay in near-constant good spirits if possible, and stays level-headed. Despite the contrast between Jack and JB's personalities, the intelligence is still there. Jack is clever, though he'd much rather talk through things than resort to violence. He is very rational, and generally will keep a clear mind in any situation. If put against any illusions or the like, he's most likely going to catch on and snap out of it quickly- he has quite a bit of practice with this.
Also, Jack is /not/ used to the restraint of the jacket. He's used to being able to use his arms, as opposed to JB. Once/if his arms are free, he's a pretty good swordsman, using a large sewing needle as a substitute for a sword. If he truly must hurt someone, he's generally going to go for the quickest way to get it over with; quick and painless, but not lethal. He's not afraid to fight, but he'd rather find alternatives.
*Note: Jack's last memory of the outside world was of being in a fight with another muse, Holly. This fight was caused by Holly hurting Sketchcat, another of the muses. He does not know anything that has happened in the last four or so years, be it to him or his host or the world in general, and as such this whole tournament business is probably going to be more than a little shocking to him. During the time he's been sealed away, he's been locked in a literal nightmare, and anything new going on is going to throw him off.
-I'll be revealing more about the third personality as things go. If you need any information about him, or JB/Jack in general for your round, or have any questions at all really, feel free to shoot me a note!

Strengths and Abilities:
-Agile and balanced.
-Very high lower body strength; if he kicks, it's going to hurt.
-Fairly strong bite. Nom.
-Quick reflexes.
-High Stamina- At the beginning of the tournament.
-Can summon a large sewing needle... Though it's not much use to him at this point.

Weaknesses and Fears:
-Can't use his arms essentially; even if his arms are freed, JB is very uncoordinated and awkward with his hands.
-Will become physically weaker as time goes on due to being separated from his host. Probably not noticeable until later rounds though.
-Very uneasy around mirrors; He will generally refuse to look into them if he can, and can become irrational and panicked if forced to for even a few minutes.
-Afraid of abandonment/being forgotten; If you bring up the notion that his host and those he knew don't care about him or probably have forgotten him or something, he's going to start getting a lot more apathetic and doubtful of himself.
-As stated above, feeling vulnerable at all makes him very uncomfortable and downright afraid for his life. He'll generally be very complacent towards anyone who is physically intimidating, to a point. If he is physically grabbed and threatened, though, he'll freeze up in fear.
-Losing control... Essentially, he hates the feeling of not having complete control over himself and anything effecting him. Take that control from him, physically or mentally, and he's going to struggle.

Weapons and Inventory:
-Can summon a large sewing needle; It's generally used as a sword, though it's not much use to him right now...

How they arrived or were brought to Piece of Mind:
Essentially his host became desperate to treat her own mood disorders (caused by fighting amongst the muses) and asked the asylum for help. She was given pills to take that ended up ejecting JB from her mind, and he was then captured and brought to Piece of Mind.

Phew! Wall of text... But yeah!
Jacketbunny (c) Me. :3

Also, as a note. This whole OCT will kind of be considered a 'what if' scenario unless changed later... So, as far as their stories and such are concerned, JB will know what has happened in it, but won't be permanently affected by any of it outside of the OCT.
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